Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little taste of Kentucky, Our Local Box Review

I have never been to Kentucky, but that does not mean I cannot experience some of what the state has to offer thanks to Our Local Box. Our Local Box is a fantastic box that focused on sending out great hand-selected assortment of goodies coming straight from Kentucky.

For the month of May, Our Local Box themed it’s box around the Derby. Evidently , people go pretty bananas two weeks leading up to this big event. Here is what Our Local Box included in their phenomenal May box.

BANANA PUDDING FUDGE  from Cellar Door Chocolates

The name speaks the truth, this banana pudding fudge looks like banana pudding with vanilla wafers in between.   Cellar Door Chocolate has taken this common southern treat and has turned it into fudge. And, YUMMY,  let me tell you this treat is DELICIOUS.  No words can actually say how yummy this treat it.  It was hard to just take a little nibble. Cellar Door Chocolates, also looks to have other yummy treats on their website as well. Check them out HERE.  


This is by far the best tea that I have tried. This is a blend of Japanese sencha green tea, rose petals and cherries. Elmwood  Inn has perfected green tea, what an excellent mix of flavors! Not only did I like it, but so did my other half, so I anticipate it will be gone pretty fast, as we both really like Green Tea.


I cannot do this Lip Balm justice by just writing my own blub about it, so I went straight to the Our Local Box to give you the background on this excellent lip balm.

“This original formula is hand-tinted using natural oxides and is comprised of organic, unbleached beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter, essentials oils, vitamin E, honey and dragon's blood.  The lovely aroma of cocoa butter and orange with a sweet kiss of pure organic honey.” – Our Local Box

It is by the best lip balm I have received lately. The only thing I wondered when reading about this lip balm was, what is Dragon’s Blood.? I was thinking of the magical creature in fairy tales and kids stories, but I was wrong. This is what Dragon’s Blood is:

“Dragon's Blood is viscous and blood-red, it is the pure exuded sap of a tropical tree rather than the blood of a mythical creature.” 


This Skin Balm goes a long way, however, it was great on my dry skin and will be perfect for the summer.  This Skim Blam is said that this is good on dry skin, scrapes, tattoos, and rough feet. Magick Skin Balm is made with olive oil, organic beeswax, cocoa butter, lavender oil, vitamin E and dragon's blood. I must say Rituals by Nature has some great products, and I feel so very lucky to have been given the opportunity to try the lip balm and skin balm out, as these great items comes all the way from Kentucky. 

Pocketbook: Our Local Box costs $30.00 per month, which is well worth it. Each box is guaranteed to include only full size, one of the kind items made by great unique companies in Kentucky. This box was well worth $30, as all the products far exceeded the $30 cost. Also, how can you put a price on such unique one of the kind products.

Tickled Pink Opinion: Overall, I very impressed by Our Local Box. Never would I have thought I would get a taste of Kentucky mailed directly to my door, but I was wrong. Additionally, the quality of products is top of the line, and  each item is full size.  And best of all, , each item is handpicked and made by one-of-the-kind local Kentucky businesses,  highlighting what Kentucky is all about. So, if you are like me, and you do not anticipate a trip any where any time soon, nor to Kentucky, than this is the box for you. And even if you are a travel nut, than you still do not want to pass up Our Local Box!

What do you think of Our Local Box? If you would are wanting a little taste of Kentucky or you are the adventurous, fun, want to receive an awesome box straight from the heart of Kentucky, then you can do so HERE, and let them know I sent you.

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 *  I did receive this box for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are expressly my own. I only blog about and review products that fit my personal style.


  1. holy jeez that piece of fudge makes me crave sweets!

    1. And this sweet was so good. I have never tasted fudge like this before. And yes it was huge...