Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Time for another High Five for Friday.  Whoo hoo. Oh I am so looking forward to finally having a weekend off. I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth over atLauren Elizabeth Blog for High Five for Friday. This week I also am sharing a little video, you cannot see much, but our little one was just too cute.

Here we go.

1. I always seem to share my jewelry on here, but I really love this Love Bracelet from Apple of My Eye Jewelry. This week I thought it was perfect to wear because my wonderfully amazing parents celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary. They are such an inspiration. Can you believe they have been together since they were 14 years old, wow! Now that’s a love story!

2. I finally decided my hair is not too short to curl.  Since I chopped my hair off I really have not done much with my hair other than wear it straight, so this week I decided to curl it up.  Not too shabby, I think .

3. A little trip to the zoo. Our family loves animals, especially the little one and daddy. Here is the little one playing Peek-a-boo with the male orangutan.  Right before this picture our little one had taken a little fall right in front of the Orangutan enclosure,  and she was crying. Less than a minute later the male orangutan came over to the window where we were trying to calm her down, and she instantly was better.

4. Seahawks training is going on this week. Go Seahawks! That is Russell Wilson over there in the red jersey. This is the picture my brother sent me from training. He is an avid Seahawks fan. Cannot wait for the seasons to start.

5. And, to end this week’s High Five for Friday, I wanted to share this cute little video of us putting the little one to sleep the other night. Most of the video is a little dark, but it was a cute little moment.  Oh what a cutie.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,


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  1. Your curls are adorable!!!! And OMG can't wait wait for football!!!